D3 Data Logger Only

✓ 24 Hour data logging
✓ Email alerts for high temperature
✓ Automatic daily temperature reports
✓ In built reporting and graphs
✓ Replacable 5 year battery
✓ Data backup for security
✓ No ongoing costs

£441.00 ex VAT


A new monitoring generation

The D3 family of wireless monitoring systems are used across a broad range of market sectors meeting the most stringent standards to assist customers comply with HACCP, BRC, FDA and MRHA legislative requirements. The systems are standalone and connect direct to your business IT network with no need for any dedicated pc, server or specialist installed software.

The base station allows multiple secure connections and data can be viewed on multiple devices from PC’s to tablets to mobile phones through its simple to use and intuitive web based interface.


D3 Base Station

The base station connects direct to your IT network via a standard CAT 5 Ethernet connection. It’s in built barracuda web server interface provides secure controlled access for multiple users across different platforms.


Alarms and notations

If the received data falls outside the defined parameters the base station activates an alarm notation. The software can be configured to generate audible warnings, email, SMS text**, trigger beacons and auto diallers and send alarm notations over IP to 3rd party alarm companies.

All alarm notations, user acknowledgements and Acton notes are time stamped and recorded to provide a full audit trail.


Data analysis and reports

A powerful graphing tool allows data from different sensors to be overlaid and viewed over
different time periods. Data can also then be printed or exported to a csv file.


Data security

For added data security the D3 has daily automatic data back-up to an integrated industrial grade micro SD card providing 100% data backup. Both normal and backup data can be viewed seamlessly within the system.