Expanding Foam PU

EXTRA FAST curing polyurethane foam filler. Accelerated curing speed (approximately 20 minutes) due to two-component system. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Primerless adhesion on most construction materials. Cures without atmospheric moisture.

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• 2 component polyurethane foam filler
• 20 minute curing time
• Cures without moisture
• Volume yield FEICA TM1003 – 400ml Hand Held: 10L
• Acoustic rating ISO 717-1: 58 dB
• Thermal conductivity DIN 52612: 37mW/mK
• Application temperatures: +5C to +30C
• Hand Held
Especially for filling where fast curing is required or when material or atmosphere is low in humidity. Thermal and acoustic insulation around doors and window frames, pipe penetrations, insulation and roofing materials and general construction.

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